Suggestions regarding the care of your Fine Art Print

If you are not accustomed to handling pigment prints, resist the urge to open this package and seek help from a professional framer. Pigment prints are very fragile and should be handled with extreme care.

This print is packed in a temporary protective package for shipping or messenger; it should not be used for long-term storage.

In order to avoid damage to the print, we highly recommend framing as soon as possible.

Handing Instructions:

  • The interleave sheet helps protect the print surface, however it could cause a scratch if it is dragged across the surface. Handle the print only by the edges, preferably with lint free art handling gloves. Fingerprints will show on the surface of the print and in the margins.
  • Use a sharp box cutter or an Exacto knife to cut any taped edges. Do NOT use scissors.
  • Do not touch the surface of any work on paper.
  • Any kind of water or liquid will have an irreversible effect to the print. Do not talk, drink, drip or spray any liquid on/over the print.

Lighting, Climate and Framing:

  • Keep away from extreme environmental conditions.
  • Do not expose works of art on paper or books to unfiltered fluorescent lighting or daylight. Works on paper must never remain uncovered except when on display or being examined. *
  • We highly recommend framing your print behind UV plexi or glass as soon as possible.
  • Only ragboard and other high-quality acid-free materials are to come in contact with works on paper or with books. *

*Excerpts taken from THE CARE AND HANDLING OF
ART OBJECTS, a guide outlining practices in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.