Art has been a rock in my life for as long as I remember. As a kid I was always doodling or painting in art class and during my free time. It wasn't until. my mid teens that I became serious and started finding and refining my style. That is when I developed a deeper passion and I knew I wanted to create and share my pieces with the intent to encourage others to create their own.

Being open and honest with my intentions behind my artwork is important to me. I have struggled with mental health issues for a majority of my life and creating art has always been a coping mechanism of mine, to get out of dark places that felt impossible to see my way out of.

During these times, painting, illustrating and sketching is a form of meditation for me, I feel free from my mind and am able to convert my pent up negative energy into something positive, something I end up feeling proud of.

Mental health issues are something many of us struggle with, but at the same time it carries a social stigma making it touchy and embarrassing to talk about which should not be the case. It's okay not to be okay, but it's also important to find an outlet that works for you.

My hope is to inspire those that come across this body of work to join in the journey to find something that fuels a passion to find your driving force in life. It's a necessity for everyone.